What is Clean Trade?

Our governments say:
Might makes right

Our governments give any dictator or militia violent enough to steal a country‘s natural resources the legal right to sell those resources to us.

Clean Trade asks our government to stop using the might makes right rule that fuels oppression, war, and misery abroad. When our governments put us into business with dictators and warlords, we get dubious allies, powerful enemies, terrorism and global instability in return. Today’s system is good for no one—and we can change it.

Once our governments pass Clean Trade laws our shopping will empower the people of exporting countries, not their dictators and warlords. And Clean Trade laws are based in fundamental principles of the people’s rights – principles that all governments already claim they support.

Our principles say:
The people of each country have the right to control their country, including its natural resources.
See The People’s Rights for more...

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