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When you have to fill up
Choose cleaner gasoline

Clean Hands Oil Index.

Top industry analysts have studied which oil companies do more business with authoritarian regimes.

By buying gasoline from higher-rated companies, we can show the big companies that we’re serious about ending the tyranny of oil.

We’ll keep updating the Index as companies change who they do business with (and as authoritarian regimes get better or worse).

(higher scores are better)

Shell:         6.5
Exxon:       6.4
Mobil:        6.4
Chevron:  6.1
BP:              5.7
Lukoil:       2.9

Clean Shopping


Job one is getting our governments to block imports of blood oil.

We also want to block ‘secondhand’ imports from trade partners that import blood oil, especially China.

These boycotts will keep our hands clean and raise awareness worldwide.

we like

When you buy a phone or jewelry, why not choose those you know have no conflict minerals in them?

Here are two companies we like. If you have more ideas for Clean Trade shopping please let us know through the ‘Q&A’ page!

We Support

If you are thinking of supporting organizations that fight the resource curse, you might want to think of these.

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