Crimes & Consequences

Some of the places our money goes...


Why this is happening
If armed gunmen take over a warehouse do they get the right to sell the merchandise? No. ‘Might’
does not make ‘right’. But might makes right is the rule that every government uses for the natural
resources of other countries. If armed gunmen seize a mine abroad, or if they take over the
government of an oil-producing country, your government will give them the right to sell the minerals or the oil to you.

What this means for you
Your government will put you into business with whoever can be most brutal abroad. Your money will go to the men of violence. The resources that they steal will go to you.

Equatorial Guinea
A brutal dictator sells the country’s petroleum to the US and EU for billions. He lives lavishly while keeping the people terrorized and impoverished.

Up to six million deaths and massive sexual violence as militias plunder the minerals used to make our cell phones, laptops, and game consoles.

General Bashir, indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur’s genocide, gets cash and weapons in exchange for the country’s oil.

Burma (Myanmar)
The repressive junta keeps the Nobel-winning elected leader out of power, while fencing the country’s natural gas to China, India and Thailand.

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