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Clean Trade


Clean Trade is a non-partisan campaign to change the law that forces shoppers to finance repression, violent conflict, and extremism, and to support public accountability over resources everywhere.


Founder: Leif Wenar

The Clean Trade Board of Advisors

 Lorand Bartels, University Senior Lecturer in Law, Cambridge

 Antoine Heuty, Ulula; former Deputy Director, Revenue Watch Institute

 Seema Joshi, Head of Business & Human Rights, Amnesty International

 Richard Kauzlarich, Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center, George Mason; former National Intelligence Officer for Europe; former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan

 Audrey Macklin, Professor of Law, University of Toronto

 Renu Mandhane, Chief Commissioner, Ontario Human Rights Commission

 Richard Meeran, Leigh Day & Co, former ‘Human Rights Lawyer of the Year’

 Branko Milanovic, Senior Scholar at the CUNY Graduate Center, Former Lead Economist at the World Bank

 Michael Ross, Professor of Political Science, UCLA; author of The Oil Curse

 Ragnar Torvik, Professor of Economics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

 Joel Trachtman, Professor of International Law, Fletcher School, Tufts


Clean Trade has received its funding from King's College London and the Leverhulme Trust. We are non-partisan, and accept no money from governments or industry.


Please send queries to leif.wenar@kcl.ac.uk

Thank you

We have so many people to thank! Please accept our sincere gratitude as we finish off our list of names. Thank you so much!

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